We worry about your car so you don't have to.

Let's face it: getting your car repair is never fun. As soon as that engine light goes off, you know that you'll be spending a day wondering how much it's going to cost and a couple weeks without your car.
See how Otto set out to fix that problem

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

- Henry Ford, Ford Motors

Otto challenges the status quo set by the automotive industry by providing car owners with a simple, seamless repair experience. Through automatic diagnostics, one-price guaranteed quotes and mechanic scheduling, it is easy to see why Otto is truly the next-generation car repair service.

My challenge was to develop a user interface and experience that embodies the service's convenience and simplicity, while creating a brand that sets it apart from the race.




Miguel Testa
Aurora Qiu
Scott Bennett
Pavani Chugh


Front-End Development


4 months


Otto's branding revolves around promoting gender equality

On top of simplifying the entire procedure, a touchpoint we wanted to address was the gender bias associated with the system. We knew that this was a big issue to tackle, and so the branding naturally gravitated towards solving this problem.


The company name Otto is a homonym on the word Auto, which is an informal derivative of automobile. On top of that, we wanted to embody Otto's personalised service and one-on-one engagement by using a person's name to inspire a personal touch.


With simplicity in mind, the logo uses the letters of Otto to recreate the outline of a car. This allows Otto to easily distinguish itself from competitors by creating a memorable connection between the name and logo.


We decided to use burgundy to show inclusivity for female users without subjecting them to a stereotype. This is combined with a dark grey to touch on the mechanical aspect of the service.



Montserrat Bold
Montserrat Regular
Montserrat Light



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