A designer with a background in business & engineering.

That means if my right brain and left brain were hands, I'd be ambidextrous. It also means that I use my creative and analytical thinking to shape the success of the many companies I work with.
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Why design?

In my third year of university, I took 8 months off my engineering degree to try my hand at running a startup; and by the 6th month, I knew I was suppose to be a product designer. In engineering, we develop a problem-solving mindset, and I believe that design effectively uses my creative upbringing to solve real problems for people and companies. It has also inspired a different way of understanding life the world we live and the people who inhabit it.

What am I good at?

My strengths lie primarily in UI/UX, with experience in developing software, hardware and business. I am currently taking on more branding and marketing, so I try to apply those skills to my projects when possible.

What are my design principles?

As a designer, I make sure that my work is a reflection of what I believe to be true. If done effectively, design has the capacity to change human behavior and shape industries. I understand the importance of validating my assumptions, and so I approach my work with humility and willingness to learn, whether that be domain knowledge or technical knowledge.

How do I engage in my design community?

As a self-taught designer, I understand a lot of the barriers that comes with learning about design. Therefore, I currently teach UX research and UI design on behalf of the UBC UX Hub to support students who are doing the same.

I write weekly articles on my design experiences but also on interesting topics that inspire deep conversations within the space of design. You can find them here, and if you have any thoughts on what I should write next, send me a message!

What do I do for fun?

The answer to this question used to be designing things, but I guess that doesn't really work for this situation. When I have time, I like making music in my bedroom studio, DJing at campus parties and cooking for friends.

What am I reading?

You can tell a lot about a person from the books they read. As someone who used to absolutely hate reading, I've recently found a liking in books for self-teaching myself different topics from user experience and marketing. These are books from my modest collection that I've thoroughly enjoyed reading. If you have a recommendation, feel free to send me a message.

The Art of
Thinking Clearly
by Rolf Dobelli
The Lean Startup
by Eric Ries
The Subtle Art of Not
Giving a F*ck
by Mark Manson
The Design of
Everyday Things
by Don Norman
How to Win Friends
& Influcence People
by Dale Carnegie
Secrets of
Power Negotiating
by Roger Dawson
Hacking Growth
by Sean Ellis & Morgan Brown
Creative Strategy and
the Business of Design
by Douglas Davis
Made to Stick
by Chip Heath & Dan Heath
Running Lean
by Ash Maurya
Creative Confidence
by Tom Kelley & David Kelley


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